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Write-offs, Damaged, Scrapped

Was it an insurance write-off or scrapped?

Find out if an insurance company has categorised a vehicle it as a 'total loss' or write-off, as well as details from our exclusive Condition Alert Database.

MotorCheck offers EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to an ex-salvage database that covers both Irish & UK vehicles. We have details on more than 4 million write-off's that neither our Irish or UK competitors will have. This is a significant enhancement to our Provenance Check service which we consider to be a 'must-have' for used car dealers.

Insurance Write-Off's

Every year details of more than 450,000 accident-related write-offs and 150,000 insurance thefts are made available to MotorCheck users. Each incident is carefully recorded and identified using a combination of VRM and VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) identification before being made available in your MotorCheck Vehicle History Report.

Where recorded by an Insurer as being a 'Write-Off' or 'Total-Loss' on the Irish NVDF database, MotorCheck's own database, or on the UK MIAFTR (Motor Insurance Anti-Fraud and Theft Register) you will be able to determine what 'Category' the Write-Off was recorded under, as well as learn when the loss occurred and the official date it was added to the database as and when this data becomes available.

In Ireland, insurers must inform the NVDF (National Vehicle & Driver file) of all category A & B write-offs. However, there are categories of write-off that insurance companies are not required to inform the authorities about and MotorCheck sources alerts for as many of these vehicles as possible from our extensive network of data providers and provide these alerts in our reports. In the UK, It is law that insurers have to report to the DVLA immediately if they have written off a vehicle. There is, however, no obligation or timeframe for this information to also be passed onto the Motor Insurance Anti-Theft Register (MIAFTR) by insurers. As highlighted by a recent BBC integration, this serious flaw in consumer protection is leaving dealers and their customers vulnerable

According to a recent UK freedom of information request, as many as 80,000 vehicles a year that should be listed on the UK MIAFTR as written off, are not.

Instead, many are being repaired and sold on to dealers who, despite conducting provenance checks with leading providers, are unaware of the vehicle’s damage history.

However, MotorCheck has exclusive access to details of these written off vehicles - including photographs - which have NOT made it onto our Irish database(s) or the voluntary the UK MIAFTR database making us the number one choice for car history checks in Ireland & the UK.

NVDF/DVLA Scrapped

The NVDF & DVLA will also record affected vehicles on the official registers as 'Scrapped'. Often these are Category A or B Insurance Write-off's but not always. A MotorCheck Vehicle History Report highlighting a 'Scrapped' marker means that the vehicle is legally excluded from use on the public road and should not be available for sale.

Write-offs, Damaged, Scrapped

Find out if an insurance company has categorised a vehicle it as a 'total loss' or write-off, as well as details from our exclusive Condition Alert Database.

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